Valentines Day Fitness For Beginners


Valentines Day is right around the corner! A lot of fitness beginners become overwhelmed with all of the chocolate and candy offerings and gain five or more pounds back.

Get leaner using some of the tips offered in this library of videos!  You’ll find healthy chocolate recipes, “romantic” workout videos, new food recipes and more.

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Nothing Can Stop You!


“No matter what you are trying to accomplish, if you keep a positive viewpoint, you will get there. Nothing can stop you, except you.  Sure, there are barriers in life that try to interfere with your goals and purposes, but barriers are not stops.  They’re just life’s little pauses to get you to look and see what has just happened and formulate a plan of attack to push forward past the barrier.

Woman Jogging Outside

Life is a game.

Your purposes are part of that game.  All games require barriers or else there would be no game.  There are no failures, only opportunities to observe the obvious and choose a course of action to conquer and destroy obstacles.

Expect nothing to be easy.

If it were, the end product would be worthless.

Never let fear get in the way of success.  Fear results from a lack of data, from not understanding something.  Research that data and you will find the fear disappears.

Challenge yourself.” – Steve Michalik, Mr America


note – As a beginner to fitness, motivation is a huge part of the process.  Make sure you are filling your mind with inspirational quotes, watching motivational movies and reading motivational books.

Post your favorite motivational quote below in the comments section.